Hip Burstitis


Hip burstitis (greater trochanteric bursitis) is a common complaint that produces pain on the outside (lateral) part of the hip directly over the bony prominence of the upper part of the femur. It is differentiated from arthritic pain which tends to be more focused in the groin area. The bursitis is caused by irritation of one of the tendons in the hip as it passes by the bony prominence of the hip. Most patients present with complaints after long walks, especially long gentle uphill inclines such as on a golf course. Initial treatment involves taking an x-ray to make sure the joint is not involved. A corticosteroid into the bursa may help relieve the inflammation. Hip bursitis can be stubborn and often more than 2 injections spaced over a 3-4 month period are necessary. Physical Therapy is a useful adjunct when corticosteroid injections only give transient relief. Surgery is rarely indicated for this problem.


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