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Every year, around 300,000 hip replacement surgeries occur in the United States. If you need a hip replacement, contact Brian Solberg, MD, at LA Orthopaedic Specialists in Downtown Los Angeles, California. Dr. Solberg not only performs hip replacement but also offers hip replacement revisions. Call LA Orthopaedic Specialists or schedule a consultation online today to learn about your surgery options.

Hip Replacement Q & A

Why would I need hip replacement surgery?

Your hips are sturdy joints that provide stability and support both to your upper body and your legs. You probably didn’t think much about them until you had hip pain, but now it’s hard to think of anything else. 

Several conditions can progress to the point that hip replacement surgery is necessary. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common reasons for hip replacement, but you could also have rheumatoid arthritis, avascular necrosis, or problems that stem from a childhood hip disease. 

Some of the signs that it’s time for a hip replacement include:

  • Hip pain impacts your day-to-day life and mood
  • You can’t walk or move your legs easily
  • You have hip pain even while resting
  • Other treatments like physical therapy and medication haven’t relieved your pain

Additionally, your physician might recommend a hip replacement if you have severe arthritis or damage that’s only likely to get worse. 

What happens during a hip replacement surgery?

During hip replacement surgery, your surgeon removes damaged tissue from the head of your femur and the socket. They smooth the tissue and attached prosthetic pieces to replace your joint. LA Orthopaedic Specialists uses Zimmer and Stryker® prosthetic devices.

LA Orthopaedic Specialists orthopaedic surgeons are skilled in a variety of approaches to hip replacement, including minimally invasive modalities, and use the technique that provides the best results for your specific needs. 

You have general anesthesia during a hip replacement and might need to spend a few nights in the hospital recovering before your physician releases you to heal at home. 

What should I expect while recovering from a hip replacement?

You should be up and walking with a walker or crutches within a day or two of your surgery. You also begin physical therapy almost immediately. 

Physical therapy helps keep your muscles and connective tissue supple and flexible until your joint has healed enough to work on rebuilding your strength and flexibility. 

Your physician prescribes medication to reduce your risk of infection and might provide a short prescription for painkillers.

What is a hip replacement revision?

In some cases, a hip replacement might not work out as expected, or if you had a hip replacement many years ago, you might need to replace parts. 

At LA Orthopaedic Specialists, Dr. Solberg offers hip replacement revisions to correct, repair, or replace an existing hip replacement, a surgery that many other orthopaedic practices don’t provide.

If you’re looking for an expert orthopaedic surgeon to perform hip replacement surgery, call LA Orthopaedic Specialists or make an appointment online today.